Thursday, October 15, 2009

Death of End Note

I guess now End Note software will die a natural death!! I am not saying this just because I am not particularly fond of this software, but lately it has fierce competitions from various resources including my NCBI. Before My NCBI came into picture, I was very fond of connotea. Connotea is very easy to link to a browser, all that you will need is to drag and drop it to the menu bar. You can create your own login and password and update all the bibliography you ever wanted. Export the bibliography as you wish.

With My NCBI, it has struck the nail right on the head of End Note. Tutorials are readily available for My NCBI for easy use. Anytime, I would prefer a browser based application than a stand alone application. End note particularly needed endless filling up forms very tedious ways. I had bad experience of interference of end note with MS office 2007. Now I will breath easy writing a manuscript.

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DNA said...

Hi Sucheta,

Great to read your post.

Since long time people used Latex-Bibtex and it was, is and always better than end note. Only now people from windows legacy realize Latex potential.

BTW I left US for good and in London now.